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Who is the Reorg group?

The Reorganization Management Group (RMG) is an entrepreneurial contingent of finance professionals with a unique and diverse background in turnaround services. RMG stands positioned to assist challenged business owners with the stress and uncertainty associated with being in debt. We have the foresight and ability to turn budgeting for debt into budgeting for success. We at RMG address enveloping financial concerns that will make your life more rewarding and your business more successful.

Our mission is to satisfy your debt, while providing the best possible outcome to the dilemma your creditors face. The Reorganization Management Group’s restructuring strategies have been tested and refined for years. The level of experience, knowledge and general expertise is not matched by anyone in the industry.

Let us tackle the responsibility of resolving your debt. We are the experts in this field so you can get back to being the expert in your field.
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Why choose us?

  • Accountability at its highest level. Our services are performed under a performance-based system where you receive the benefits of our services, not another bill. OUR GUARANTEE ensures that you only pay for results.

  • We offer a simple-to-follow debt management program designed to fit your specific needs.

  • Your budget is tailored to YOUR cash flow, allowing you to operate your business while satisfying your payables.

  • We immediately assess your creditors’ claims. Even with limited contact, we can determine your creditors’ needs and payment priority rights.

  • We formulate a settlement strategy, optimizing creditor willingness to reach amicable resolutions. Our efforts satisfy claims by providing resolution for creditors and their agencies that they cannot achieve for themselves.

  • The best interests of creditors are served through cooperation as relationships are mended and trade lines are restored.

  • You will no longer have to endure the pressure of collector demands that you cannot satisfy.
  • Proud affiliate of: Turnaround Management Association