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The 5 areas of economic impact

1. Business Owners livelihood, family and business are salvaged.

RMG’s average client is a business owner that has made an ongoing investment into his/her business by supplying working capital from his/her’s own personal resources in six-figure increments. When this business is lost, the owner has lost his cash investment, his job and the livelihood that supports his family. He is left with the task of finding a new career or humbly seeking employment, very often in his fifties or sixties.

2. Business remains an employer in the local market.

Scarce and precious, gainful employment is lost. The former staff loses their livelihood and becomes a financial stress statistic.

3. Trade Creditors receive a return on the goods they provided.

Having supplied goods and rendered services in good faith, they go unpaid. Not only is the profit lost, a cost is incurred as a result.

4. Vendors & Suppliers benefit from ongoing purchases.

Sales volume continues to be a profit center for local and national vendors.

5. Banks & Lenders interests are protected as the prime lender.

Similar to the trade creditors, lenders lose their profit opportunity and incur a net loss.

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