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Debt management services

The Reorganization Management Group harnesses a budgeting concept that systematically transforms the seemingly unaffordable, to the comfortably affordable. RMG give businesses and their owners a choice when contemplating a formal bankruptcy filing by providing debt relief and operating freedom at the same time.

RMG is unique. Our interests are so closely aligned with those of our clients that one of us cannot succeed or fail without the other one. For more information please click the appropriate link below:

Commercial debt is considered money owed to lenders by a company.

Consumer debt, also called residential debt, is unsecured debt owed to lenders by individuals and couples.

Comprehensive Financial Management
Comprehensive Financial Management is eliminating debt, budgeting, planning for the future and preparing for the unforeseen. It begins with Debt Settlement which is the most effective way to get out of debt. It flows into long-term financial concerns and prepares families and small business to properly protect their respective futures.

Credit restoration can also be added to this package for anyone that needs or wants to increase an overall credit score.

What we do - We start with helping people get out of debt. We then harness the budgeting skills and financial disciplines they have learned along the way to reach more advanced financial goals.

We are different because we simply do more and we do it better. We do not charge outrageous or hidden fees from people already experiencing financial difficulties. And, just because your debt is gone, it doesn’t mean we are! We are not content until you are debt free and have a plan for you household needs or business related commitments. We offer the services, you decide what you want.

Whatever you financial dilemma may be, we have services that can help you. Call us now at 866-364-9161 and ask to speak to an advisor or you can fill out a no-cost/no-obligation form by clicking here.

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